Sunday, May 24, 2009

Daisies and yellow polka dot

This is a new pattern and I really think it is adorable. I can make this with any fabric color you choose. These photos show the bloomers that I can make with any dress and a matching burp cloth and pacifier clip.

Saturday, May 23, 2009


These are just a couple of the bibs. They are made with any fabric color and have terry cloth on the back and interfacing so the spills don't go through and soak the clothes.

Shopping cart cover

These are life-savers in all stores and restaurants. They fit perfectly over any shopping cart and all high chairs. They fold up into a bag and are very portable. They can be made in any fabric color and for a single shopping cart or I have a pattern for a double shopping cart (most of these carts are found in Sam's and places like that)

Burp cloths

Burp cloths can be made in any fabric color and have a matching ribbon on each of them.

Bubble gum polka dot dress

This is one of my favorites - it has a little bit of every color in it.

Dark pink with brown polka dot trim

Green with bright pink and white polka dot trim

The trim is on the photo on the bottom.

Light green with light pink polka dots

Red, black and pink paisley with flowers

The dress on the right has a pink background with red and green flowers and a black and white paisley background.

Brown with orange and yellow polka dots

The hairbow in this photo was made by Amber Daniels, she can be reached at 386-937-4558.

Pacifier clips

These are available in any fabric color.

Diaper wipe cases

These are perfect for anyone. If you are a mother, you need baby wipes at all times, why not carry them in style? These are available in any fabric color you choose.

Georgia Dress

Blue Crab Beauty Pageant booth

This was the booth I had set up at the Blue Crab Beauty Pageant.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Gator dress

Leopard with pink tulle and pink ricrac

This dress is a little rock and roll...

Brown and teal paisley/brown and teal polka

White dress

This dress is perfect for family portraits.

Zebra/black polka dot

On this dress, you can add whatever color ribbon you would like. I generally use hot pink or teal. The matching flip flops are made by Malinda Dennard, you can reach her at 386-972-4952.